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Tax Affiliate Programs
(How hands on do you want to be?)

Lead Generation

Submit a name, email, phone number and tax debt amount, we take care of the rest!

Tax Preparation

Outsource all of your client’s accounting needs! We tackle simple 1040's to complex corporate returns and audits.

OTP Net Branch

We have built one of the most successful front ends in the country, and we can show you how to build one too.


Why choose Oxford Tax Partners?

We Have Specialized Tax Departments

All of OTP's legal staff are licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Services and are focused on the practice of representing individual taxpayers and corporations facing an inability to afford their back tax debt or are in need of tax preparation and income based tax debt solutions. OTP’s Attorneys and CPAs have decades of experience in the tax compliance and resolution industry. All of OTP’s affiliate partners undergo an in-depth, specialized educational program to ensure up to date and comprehensive knowledge of all IRS and state tax regulations.  In some cases we will even fly a representative out to your office for a one on one training session with one of our best and brightest!

We Provide Superior Technology

State of the art web based lead submission and tax resolution software coupled with proprietary document management systems assists in the maintenance of our clients from the initial consultation to the formal resolution and recurring tax preparation services.

We Compensate

People create success, which is why we go to great lengths to attract, inspire, and reward performance. We are proud to provide highly competitive volume driven compensation offerings as part of the total reward of working with our firm.