As a tax preparer, you know that your clients have many choices when it comes to choosing a tax preparer.  What makes you different than any other tax preparer in your community?  Why should your clients continue to come to you to have their taxes prepared?

IRSassist could be the answer.  IRSassist was designed to help you add value to the tax prep services that you’re already offering to your clients.  And, even better, IRSassist can help you earn additional revenue, via referral fees, should any of your clients need enhanced services offered by IRSassist.

How does IRSassist work?

It’s simple.  IRSassist is essentially a protection and coverage service that you can offer to all of your tax prep clients.  As you’re taking your taxpayer client through their final tax return, provide them with information on both IRSassist plans.  IRSassist provides a substantial credit for the taxpayer, should the taxpayer need any coverage tax resolution or audit service.

IRSassist is offered in 2 plan levels:  Basic and Premier

This plan is 100% free for your taxpayer clients.  That’s right, it’s completely free!  Once your client opts in to the Basic plan, the client will be automatically eligible for a $1,000 credit towards any tax resolution or audit service related to that specific tax return.

The Premier plan was designed to provide superior protection and coverage for your clients, at an initial cost to the taxpayer of $49.95.  Once the taxpayer opts into the Premier plan, we immediately prepare a full tax compliance analysis for the taxpayer (provided to the taxpayer within 48 hours).  This tax compliance analysis reviews the previous 10 tax years for the taxpayer, and shows any balances or missing returns that the taxpayer has, as well as any pending or future aggressive action from the IRS.  Should the tax compliance analysis show any urgent tax resolution/settlement needs for the taxpayer, or should the taxpayer receive an audit notice for that tax year, the Premier plan will provide a $2,500 credit to the taxpayer.