Here at Oxford Tax, our business has grown substantially over the years, thanks to happy clients just like you.  Our clients routinely refer family members, friends, business colleagues, etc. to us, and we're happy to offer each and every referral a free consultation.  

As a show of gratitude, Oxford Tax is now happy to offer you a $500 credit for every referral client that you send our way!

Our Referral Program is simple!  Just fill out the form below and click Submit.  A Senior Tax Advisor will reach out to your referred prospect right away for a free consultation.  If your referral prospect becomes a client, we will apply a $500 credit to your case file.  We will then adjust your payment schedule to reflect this $500 credit (we will remove payments from the end of your payment schedule in the amount of $500).  If you are Paid-in-Full with us, or you owe less than $500 to Oxford Tax, you can apply the $500 credit for future services, including tax return preparation, tax monitoring and prevention, etc.  Either way, your balance will be reduced by $500!

Submit your referral below:

If you have any questions about our Referral Program, or to submit a prospective referral to us via email, please reach out to us at