What is Oxford Tax Partners’ Agent Affiliate Program?

Oxford Tax Partners’ Agent Affiliate Program is a great way for Transamerica agents to earn additional income from their clients who have a need for IRS tax relief or tax resolution services.  

How does it work?

It’s simple. When you have a client who has back tax issues with the IRS and/or state tax authorities, refer that prospect to Oxford Tax Partners.  We’ll contact the prospect to understand their unique tax situation, and if that prospect becomes a tax resolution client for Oxford, you’ll earn a minimum commission amount of $750!

What do I need to know about tax resolution?

The first thing you should know is that many taxpayers in the US have back tax issues with the IRS.  Our research shows that nearly 15% of all US taxpayers owe the IRS for tax years prior to 2015.  These taxpayers owe the IRS an average of $30k each.  The IRS is perpetually short-staffed, and while it might take months or years for the IRS to contact these taxpayers, the IRS always tracks them down.  A taxpayer who owes the IRS for multiple years is typically very stressed about the situation, but doesn’t necessarily know how to remedy the situation.  This is where Oxford Tax Partners excels – we help these taxpayers settle their tax debts and get back in good standing with the IRS and local tax authorities.

Who should I refer to Oxford Tax Partners?

Our typical tax resolution client is someone who owes more than $10k in back taxes to the IRS, is unfiled for multiple prior tax years, and/or has been notified about some type of aggressive action by the IRS (wage garnishment, levy, etc.).  Our mission is to help these taxpayers put their IRS issues behind them once and for all!

All leads can submitted through our dedicated Transamerica Agent portal: www.oxfordtaxpartners.com/prospects

What are payment details and terms?

Oxford Tax pays $750 minimum for all referred tax resolution clients.  Specific terms will be provided in your Master Services Agreement

To get started as a Transamerica Agent Affiliate, please contact us at (866) 940-3535 or email us at taxhelp@oxfordtaxpartners.com today!