Oxford Tax Partners is pleased to provide optimal tax debt resolutions for your clients.

Over 8 million US citizens owe back-taxes to the IRS or state taxing authorities.  Chances are that many people in your network either owe back-taxes to the IRS, or have not filed tax returns for prior years.  

Oxford Tax Partners has helped tens of thousands of people settle their IRS tax debts.  While every taxpayer's situation is different, it is not uncommon for Oxford Tax to negotiate a "pennies on the dollar" settlement for our clients.  In some cases, we're even able to make the client's IRS debts go away entirely, through an IRS-sanctioned hardship program.  

While tax issues are typically quite complicated, the process for you is simple:

  1. Ask your clients about their tax situation.  Ask them if they owe more than $10,000 in back taxes.  Ask them if they have any unfiled tax returns for previous years.
  2. If their answer is Yes to either question, submit your prospect to Oxford Tax Partners (via the appropriate team link further down on this page).
  3. Oxford Tax will reach out to your prospect right away for a free tax consultation. 
  4. If your prospect becomes an Oxford Tax client, you'll earn a referral fee!  Our referral fee payments are sent out on the 21st of each month, for clients received during the previous calendar month.


Learn more about our process:


To submit a tax debt prospect to Oxford Tax Partners, click on the appropriate Team below.  Be sure to provide the prospect's information as well as your agent information.  Once you submit your prospect's information, Oxford Tax will reach out to the prospect within 2 hours.