Tax Solutions

Providing exceptional tax consulting & resolution services since 2004.

Whether it is addressing an existing tax compliance issue or proactively planning for the future, our expert staff has proven experience in all matters tax related.

Our Tax Solutions

We believe that taxpayers should be fully informed with realistic expectations about their tax situation. This philosophy has become the basis of all consultations we provide to taxpayers because we understand the worries of our clients. We help our clients overcome their anxiousness by communicating with them frequently, informing them about every detail of their case, and helping them understand the IRS programs and policies they qualify for.

Tax Resolutions

In the event that federal or state tax authorities have taken aggressive action against you or your business, our team of Tax Attorneys will go to work for you. We have a history of achieving extremely favorable outcomes for our clients.

OnTrack Tax Services

Our core missing is helping our clients stay out of trouble in the future. That's what our OnTrack program is all about. For a low monthly fee, we'll stay on Power of Attorney for you. We'll monitor your tax accounts 24/7. We'll prepare your tax returns every year.

Tax Planning

Our Tax Preparers complete and amend thousands of multi-state individual and corporate returns every year. Our clients range from large corporations to everyday Americans giving us and our clients the preparation they deserve at rates they can afford while also working to minimize your tax liabilities.

Audit Services

Oxford Audit Protection, you can file your tax returns with confidence. In the event that you're audited by the IRS, you'll be assisted and represented by a licensed Tax Attorney. Your Attorney will review your audit notice, collect all necessary documents, and formulate a step-by-step strategy.

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Oxford Tax Partners is a back tax defense and preparation firm headquartered in Chicago with offices in every region of the country. Over the years, Oxford Tax Partners has worked hard to establish relationships with our clients via our dedication to customer service and unparalleled experience and performance in both the back tax defense and accounting arenas. These important relationships is the backbone to our continued success and growth.